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Live events and promotional parties hold a special importance in our efforts to make this kind of music heard by more people, especially in our close surrounding. Here you'll find memories of these events.

12. November 2011 - CK13, Novi Sad, Serbia
Àsino Elettronico LIVE: Andrei Korre, Koneyn, Associative, Abadroza

First in series of club events with our live performing artists, held in Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad.
A fantastic night in a friendly and open atmosphere filled with quality sound and previously unheard tracks.

Pictures and videos by Ves.

More pictures at Àsino Elettronico Facebook page and selected video recordings on our YouTube channel!

17. June 2011 - Cultural Centre Rex, Belgrade, Serbia
Porub #6: Abadroza & Koneyn

Porub is an event that serves as a platform for local experimental/alternative artists involved in audio and visual media and it's commonly organized several times during one year. Abadroza and Koneyn were there together to perform fully live for the first time ever with material exclusively prepared for that evening.

For a more detailed report from one of the performers' perspective, visit this link.

Here is the video of (approximately) second half of the performance:

14. February 2009 - multimedial club Anarh, Novi Sad, Serbia
Àsino Elettronico LIVE session: Volarić + Bicikl

First live event and promotion under Àsino Elettronico LIVE session label at the small underground Anarh club in Novi Sad, turned out to be a huge success, apparently filling the mentioned club as no event did before.

Also, the "stageless" concept proved to be rather interesting - with Bicikl and Volarić playing live in a separate room, with their performance being transmitted to the wall of the main club room by means of multiple cameras and video projection system.

Full (uncensored and unedited :) image gallery
e-flyer for the event (half-size)

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