Photo by Dragan Drlačić

Though the project name is actually an altered spelling of a Dutch word for rabbit, the music that Kosta Čemerikić creates couldn't be less fluffy. Often described as deep and technoid, it's also trademarked for atmospheric tension that runs through each carefully crafted track.

After having three studio releases, of which the last one was on Àsino Elettronico (the label he cofounded in 2008), Koneyn is now primarily concentrated on developing a signature live performance. Combining uniquely synthesized sounds of future's uncertainty with nostalgia for emulation of classic Roland machines that engaged him into music making back in '99, he is bound to constantly pursue those very special high-tech soul moments.

Magnetism (live set demo) by Koneyn


Transitional (AE003)

Also featured on:
Xiqhhyiecryn & Koneyn - Aubergine (AE009)
Xiqhhyiecryn & Koneyn - Body Negation (AE008)
Xiqhhyiecryn & Koneyn - Patience (AE002)
Various Artists - Fusion Mutation (AE001)


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- YouTube channel
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- Second place at Ableton Live competition, Dis-Patch festival, Belgrade 2008.
- Finalist (4th place) at Klangpostkarten - Von irgendwo in Südosteuropa sound art competition, Goethe Institute Belgrade, 2009.
- Participating composition in Briefe aus der Heimat installation, Hannoversche Gesellschaft für Neue Musik, Hannover 2010.
- Sound logo selection for the Share Conference, Belgrade 2011.