Nemanja Dunđerski, one of the original establishers of Àsino Elettronico netlabel, is best known to the local glitch scene as Xiqhhyiecryn.

Xiqhhyiecryn's music is deeply affecting. It is suppose to effect the listeners and challenge their psyche. This project gets its motives from many life events and emotional states like prolonged loneliness, isolation, asphyxiated love, depression and death of a best friend, trying to create a powerful, intense experience.

In front of clubbers, Nemanja also performs live as Associative. Although this project's attitude is still being developed, it blends together a wide variety of musical genres whose vibe is best described as it fits somewhere between tech house and sub-Saharan African rhythmic principles. Associative's live set is coupled around custom modelled sounds from his drum machine and hardware synthesizer.

Photo by Miloš Jovanović

Movement (live set demo) by Associative


Memory Lover (AE004)

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