Acid waves coming from the artist whose name has been created as result of a pirate error and misspelling of the words "Head Rock" will give you enjoyment in a retro-futuristic style.

Abadroza's work is based on the roots of electronic music, from 8-bit sound of old consoles to the most famous instrument of the electronic world, the legendary Roland TB-303 - whose x0xb0x hardware clone is his most powerfull weapon.

His main card, so to speak, is his live performance where he successfully avoids the trend of using computers in the creative process. Abadroza offers a wide range of old school vibes which are at the same time meant for dancing as well as taking pleasure in the sounds. Although his whole setup is old fashioned, you shouldn't expect to hear predictable music or music that belongs to a strict genre - and you definetly won't get another déjà vu experience.

Photo by Milan Kostadinović

DemoLive by Abadroza


No Effects (AE005)

Machine Love (AE010)

Also featured on:
Various Artists - Fusion Mutation (AE001)


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