[AE003 // October 2009]

Press release:

First solo release for Koneyn on Àsino Elettronico label fuses the foundation laid by his first two self-released EPs with a tendency towards more purely synthesized sound. The familiar atmosphere is still there - deep bassy rhythm and ominous ambience with focus on careful sound shaping and narrative - yet now expressed through a wider style range.

Available as a full digital release on label's website and also in very limited number of pre-reserved CDs in a special handmade packaging.

Composed and produced by Koneyn

Photography by Kanae Sato
Layout by Koneyn

Additional informations available inside the artwork file and/or on printed sleeve (CD version).

This city has no end
Silent street
7 hours


Full package (.rar, 45.5 Mb)
- 320kbps MP3 files
- PDF booklet with active hyperlinks
- playlist file

(Serbian, English)

"Mistična minimalnost detroitskih legendi Drexciya sparena je na ovom dvadesetominutnom uradku sa zlokobnom atmosferom britanskih velikana The Black Dog. Zamračene betonske zgradurine sa omota ploče pružaju dobru polaznu osnovu za otuđenu auru beogradskih predgrađa, kroz koje se slušalac šunja uronjen u zvučnu kapsulu.

Sjaj i beda osame urbanih ranjenika verno je prenesena kroz svih pet kompozicija u kojima dominiraju gusto kondenzovana osećanja ukletosti postojanja u kome si otpisan i pre nego što si došao na ovaj svet. U tom smislu, nekomunikativnost Transitionala sa širim auditorijumom može da se tumači i kao tajni jezik nekolicine upućenih i svojevrsna politička poruka (a pravi techno je pre korporativnog davljenja u lažnoj, lovom nafatiranoj zabavi bio žanr sa izoštrenom političkom pozadinom). Daleko od gungule i reflektora lažima zasićene javne scene, Transitional je nenametljivi trag života u naseljenim predelima do kojih kamere ne dopiru. Kao takav, on pruža dragocen uvid u stanje stvari na simboličkom nivou."

- Marko Nikolić (link za ceo tekst)

"“The City Has No End” provides a cinematic yet anxious opening track full of dark, creeping texture, edgy bass tones and agitated percussive elements. Following that, “Subtransit” continues the theme but increases the pace with – perhaps appropriately given its title – train-like rhythms to add to the anxiety levels and heart-pumping atmosphere. More harrowing and atmospheric is “L’Étranger”, with its low drone-like hum and the sounds of people going about their lives with drifting synth tones providing an ominous air of tension throughout. It is at this point that the mood changes with “Silent Street”, having a somewhat lighter tone utilising classic synth melodies; most of the tension and the air of foreboding seen in the first few tracks dissipates, replaced with a sense of relieved calm and even joy. This continues into the final track, “7 Hours”, which is entirely more rhythmic and distinctly retro influenced. Positively energetic in mood, the album ends with in an upbeat manner, the darker tones at its start now a distant memory.

The darker side of Koneyn’s music is precise, spacious and carefully conceived; everything has its place and is clear and defined with a purpose. As the mood lightens it becomes rhythmic, brighter and more melodic as the pace also increases. Although the album ends in a very different style to its start, “Transitional” flows well, the first three tracks in particular almost forming a suite of related music."

- Paul Lloyd for Connexion Bizzare magazine (full review)